Yachts for all sizes

With our experience and presence in the nautical sector for over 15 years, we selected, for You- Our guests, verified range of sailing yachts and catamarans. As partners we have relation, only with charter agencies which are proved best on the Croatian market, providing for you the best value, safety and condition of the equipment, as well as the general condition of your yacht. Yachts are divided in several ranges; by size, by year of producing, by purpose (cruiser or racer) and all together by price!


Two (2 cabin) cruiser sailing yachts
  • accomodation for up to 5 people in two double bed cabin + salon and one toliet/bathroom

  • for small families, cuples, friends...

Three (3 cabin) cruiser sailing yachts
  • accomodation for up to 7 people in three double bed cabin +salon and one or two toliets/bathrooms

  • Families, friends, sailing school


Four (4 cabin) cruiser or racer sailing yachts
  • accomodation for up to 9 people in three double bed cabin with and one more with bunk bed + salon and two or three toliets/bathrooms

  • two falilies, friends, team buildings, regattas...


Five (5 cabin), or ( 5+1 cabin) cruiser sailing yacht
  • accomodation for up to 11 people in five cabins, usually 3 or 4 with double beds and 1 or 2 with bunk bed, they have minimum of three toilets/bathrooms

  • these yachts often have a separate skippers cabin in front

  • families, friends, regattas, sailing camps


Catamarans (3, 4, 5, 6 cabins) are perfect sailing home for liesure in comfort...
  • accomodation up to 12 people

  • families, friends, relax

  • usually with Air condition and generator making large autonomy at sea


Gallery (examples) of yachts:

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