Four sailing regions-from North to the South

Diversity in landscapes and nature, as well as in culture and people, that is the fascinating way from North to South of Adriatic. Green Istria, over rough and rich with wildlife North thru middle Adriatic labyrinth of wonder islands (Kornati , National park) to greener central Dalmatian islands with world famous towns of Hvar, Korčula and still undiscovered islands Vis and Lastovo to final destination, Dubrovnik the name of the fame.


Where to start sailing

Croatia has a unique and impressive coast which together with its hundreds and hundreds of islands (1000+) stretches out to more than 6000 kilometers. You can only imagine how the nature has played and created one of the world’s most desirable destinations for sailing holidays. There is plenty to see but not enough time to see it all. Let me start by saying that you won’t make a mistake, whichever region in Adriatic you decide to sail.


Pretty common practice is choosing the airport of arrival; airlines as well as the budget companies are offering great deals from most of major European cities. In the meanwhile, send us your wish/request and get informed about the solution we made for you.Arriving by car is a great privilege once in Croatia and it allows you to discover much, much more.  As we sad, Croatia is full with wonders and driving distances between them are pretty short. You can easily explore whole country, beside Adriatic coastline. So take a few days and explore, it is absolutely worth it.



Where to start sailing

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How it works


Common, or standard sailing holiday period is 7 days (one week), from Saturday to Saturday. You may also book a holiday and yacht for a longer period (14 days (two weeks), 21 days (3 weeks). However, if you want to go for sailing (for example) for 3 days or 10 days, you have to understand that it is not the standard period and the price will not be proportionally lower than the price for a week, especially in the high season (July and August).Just three steps...


1. Fill our short inquiry selecting one of your favorite Nomadria sailing packages, or just sent us a note with your desires. In inquiry you will find a few basic questions about you as well as a few questions about your favorite sailing holiday (period, area you wish to sail...). For contact us, use our booking form/inquiry, or bee free to use phone call or any other way which is in use now days (Skype, Facebook...).


2. After you send us the inquiry in a short time we will send you a proposal/offer, with all details and information required. Usually it consists, three recommended yachts with different price range and all the info about starting port, how to get there and short itinerary as well.


3. Upon your final decision, you will receive the official offer by e-mail, which will include all the necessary information on price, VAT, terms of payment, check-in-out procedure, etc. After receiving your confirmation we will put option on yacht and sailing package you have chosen. The option means that this yacht will be kept for you and blocked for booking for any other inquiry (max 5 days). The option gives you enough time to make your final decision regarding the booking or to arrange some other travelling details like flights, ferry tickets…

North Adriatic-Istria and Kvarner

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Middle Adriatic – entering Dalmatia

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Central Adriatic –real Dalmacia

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South Adriatic – Dubrovnik area

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