Coming to Dalmatia you will notice a change in temper: change in people, places, towns, nature and climate. This area is a source of natural beauties which are manifested through the three national parks situated in only 50 km: NP Paklenica, NP Krka waterfalls and NP Kornati islands (Enchanted with their striking beauty, the famous writer George Bernard Shaw wrote one of the best descriptions of the Kornati: “On the last Day of Creation God wished to crown his work and he created Kornati out of tears, stars and breath”). Archipelago of old city of Zadar (for centuries a capital city of Dalmatia and now a centre of the district) and UNESCO city of Šibenik forms an labyrinth of 300 islands, a perfect destination for your sailing holiday. Small silent places like Biograd, Vodice, Primošten with their marinas and Riviera s make an excellent starting point for your navigation.


Recommended starting ports/marinas;
  • Zadar (airport), marina Borik and Tankercommerce

  • Sukošan (10 km from airport), Marina Dalmacia

  • Biograd n/m (20 km from airport), marina Kornati

  • Šibenik (30 km from airport), marina Mandalina

Sailing area;

hmmm, where to start...from litle northen satelite islands (Silba, Premuda, Olib, Ist, Molat) to Dugi otok – Long island and its famous Nature park of Telašćica bay (clifs and lake). Then thru Kornati islands achipelago, all way to „still wild“ Šibenik islands (Žirje, Kaprije, Zlarin,Prvić) and the Krka river canyon to its waterfalls...

Middle Adriatic - entering Dalmatia

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